Friday, June 26, 2009

Ways to Get FREE Cosmetic Surgery

From the famous TV show Nip/Tuck, Doctors Troy and McNamara ask each client during their consultation “What don’t you like about yourself?” What would you change about yourself if you were offered free cosmetic surgery? In the UK, National Health Services provides hundreds of free cosmetic surgery for millions of dollars, which include liposuction nose jobs, tummy tucks and breast reductions. But these free cosmetic surgeries are for any bloke just because they want to look better….no there has to be a medical reason.

For example, if a client is suffering from dysmorphophobia, which is a psychiatric disorder where the patient suffers from a concern and in a world of his own over his image to the point where it causes distress and impairs his social life and/or daily activities to the point of total isolation, would be authorized to have free cosmetic surgery. Gosh, I might be able to pull this off…can anyone say really good actor.

The NHS is just one of many agencies that offer free cosmetic surgery. Here are a few other organizations:

Operation Smile out of Norfolk, VA and The Smile Train from New York, NY are organizations that help children with cleft lip/cleft palates. This defect makes breathing and eating complicated while causing problems with speech development.

Clean Slate Tattoo Removal and The Chuck Muncie Youth Foundation out of Emeryville, CA will offer free or low cost laser tattoo removal for those with gang related tattoos. Participants must have counseling, group therapy or community service to meet their requirements.

Doctors Without Borders is known for providing humanitarian assistance throughout the world by focusing on all manner of healthcare needs in developing nations, which also means performing reconstructive surgery on victims of wartime violence.

Face to Face, Alexandria, VA and Healing the Children, Spokane, WA are organizations that make up many doctors, nurses, and others who donate their time and skills to help those suffering with disfigurement as a result of birth defects, cancer excisions, accidental trauma, burns, acts of war and domestic violence.

Other agencies that help those that are disfigured by domestic violence are The Royia Grizzell Foundation for Victims of Violence out of Indianapolis, IN and also The National Domestic Violence Project Hotline 800-842-4546.

Organizations are just one way to get free cosmetic surgery. Another is to ask the surgeon themselves. Many surgeons offer free cosmetic surgery or pro bono work for those that require reconstructive surgery.

What if you don’t have to have cosmetic surgery for a medical or a reconstructive reason? There are a few other ways I can suggest for you to get free or low-cost cosmetic surgery.

Many surgeons themselves have advertising campaigns offering 2 procedures for the price of one or one at a reduced price. I just saw an ad online offering $1.00 liposuction with a breast augmentation or tummy tuck. Check your mail for coupons, your local paper classifieds or cosmetic surgery websites for surgeons in your area.

Online there are actual websites where you join their forums and discuss cosmetic surgery procedures they will give a credit towards their surgery for every post that is written. New Found Beauty’s members will be able to go to any NFB participating providers and redeem their credits. The more a member participates, the more they will accumulate credits towards their cosmetic procedure. This will result in members getting a major discount for their cosmetic procedure and a forum that is interactive and dynamic. Everybody wins!

My Free Implants is another website where you create a profile and state the reasons you want cosmetic surgery. MFI actually has benefactors that purchase message credits for as much as $1.20 each. When a benefactor sends a message to a lady, the lady can earn the credit towards their procedure. The benefactor and the lady never meet, but the lady is required to keep her profile up for six months post surgery and show her before/after pictures. See Video.

If you want to be really original create a blog or website of your own and add a donation button from PayPal. There are many ways to get a free blog or website and signing up for PayPal is fast and easy. You will have to promote your blog/website through social networks like; Mixx, StumbleUpon, Twitter, facebook, or make a video and download it on, anything to get the word out. Also you can sign up with other cosmetic surgery forums to gain attention to your site. Sometimes you have to think out of the box to get free cosmetic surgery.


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